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AJ Wallace

Kitty foster and forever mommy

Our impact

By utilizing our home based foster volunteers we help give abandoned, abused, and displaced cats a chance at forever homes. By educating the community we reduce the number of senseless deaths by pet overpopulation and disease.

Our cause

Rescuing abandoned and displaced cats and kittens that would otherwise remain on the streets and/or be euthanized.


our actions

K911 pays for all the necessary vetting of each cat/kitten prior to adoption. Every K911 cat/kitten is spayed/neutered microchipped, dewormed and has age appropriate vaccinations.

K911 helped me foster some very young kittens through some difficult situations.

Anytime I needed advice or comforting they were there day or night. Those kitties are now living in loving happy homes. 

I have also adopted kitties from K911. Those kitties were well taken care of and very loved before they came to live with me.

‚ÄčThank you so much K911!