looking for a new friend?

K911 can help!

K911 Animal Rescue's mission is both simple and profound. Rescue the animals in need, bring them back to health, show them a loving home, and then find them a forever family.

K911 is a non profit animal rescue that rescues abandoned and displaced cats & dogs who would otherwise remain on the streets and/or be euthanized. Because of our home based foster volunteers we can help give abandoned, abused and displaced cats a chance at forever homes.


By educating the community we reduce the number of senseless deaths by pet overpopulation and disease.  K911 pays for all the necessary vetting of each animal prior to adoption. Every K911 pet is spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, and vaccinated with age appropriate vaccines.






Pictured: Rescue President Kathy Cabrera (center) with Robin Ryder-Burton (L) and Lisa Dewees (R)


It started with two friends who worked for another rescue and belonged to a Facebook page. They saw a need - the community started saying 'we need help' and they said:

'We need to help these people.'

K911 president, Kathy Cabrera, and vice-president, Jennifer Rubio, started our rescue 5 years ago in response to an overwhelming demand for help with spaying & neutering local cats.  They were so helpful that that same community just started assuming they were a rescue!  Well. Why not?  

Kathy & Jen knew that if they were going to start a rescue they wanted to do it right.  To, as Kathy says, "become legit".  That's when K911 became an official non-profit organization so that we could get the necessary insurance to hold adoption events.

Speaking of adoption events -- Pet Food Express in Concord was the first venue to take a chance on K911 and, even though we hold events or have adoption centers at PetSmart, PetCo, & Pet Food Express stores all over the county, we'll always be happy to come back where they believed in us first.


Thanks to Kathy, Jen, & volunteer vet-tech Michelle Roy-Gabovda -- who joined up right at the beginning -- K911 Rescue has been rescuing, fixing, fostering & adopting kittens & puppies for 5 years and counting.

Team K911:

Kathy           Doris           Christal            Annetta

Jen                Michelle     Sabrina            April
Robin           Jena             Jennie



Adopting isn't the only way to help save lives!