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Kitty 911 is an all volunteer foster based rescue serving East County. Our mission is to improve the lives of homeless pets by providing love, foster/adoption services, education and advice, while helping to reduce feline overpopulation by providing resources for low cost spay/neuter services and vaccinations.





It all started with "Miss Kitty", sometimes called "Sweetheart".  Miss Kitty was a stray who hung around warehouses and made herself at home. Miss Kitty liked to hide at closing time.  Once, she even triggered the alarm and had the police rushing over to arrest her!

Rewind a few days to when Founder Kelly was sitting in her backyard drinking a glass of wine and thinking, "there needs to be more help for cats in our area!" Out of that, the seeds for Kitty911 were born.  Kelly and Founder/President Kathy got together for their first mission -- Save Miss Kitty!  Founder/VP Jennifer "tagged along," as she puts it.

Miss Kitty was the trio's first rescue.  At 13 years old, she wasn't exactly one of the babies that Kitty911 specializes in now!  Although Miss Kitty was microchipped, her family's phone number was disconnected .. and all the way in Arizona!  Her rescuers could tell that Miss Kitty had once been very loved and were sad that they could not reunite her with her family.  Thankfully, Miss Kitty was quickly taken into another loving home where she was well taken care of for the rest of her life.  In fact, when she needed medical care, the whole newly formed Kitty911 community came together to help the Original Sweetheart of Kitty911!


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