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Special Tails

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Cruella and Carlene

   Cruella had been at our cathouse for a few months, between raising her babies and then waiting for someone to finally dote on her. She doesn't really care for the company of other cats, which made her a little more difficult to place despite her sweet demeanor and gorgeous bright eyes.

   One Sunday, she was once again at an adoption event and just relaxing in her kennel, all too familiar with the routine. However, this day was different! A sweet lady came up to her cage, bypassing all the smaller kittens. Cruella immediately perked up, and we could see there was an instant connection both ways.

But alas! The woman, Carlene, was not ready to adopt just yet. As she sadly walked away, Cruella watched her leave and then settled back down onto her bed with a sigh. No one else came up to her kennel besides the volunteers, and she returned to the cathouse after the event. A few hours later we received a call from Carlene that she had felt that instant connection with Cruella and wanted to adopt her afterall!

   Our volunteer drove Cruella the 45 minutes to Carlene's home and once again, they instantly bonded. Cruella made herself right at home, walking around the house and checking things out and finally settling on her new mom's lap. Carlene did not stop smiling the entire time, and we think the same could be said for Cruella.

    Do you know a senior in search of a companion kitty? Maybe someone wanting a young adult or older kitty who doesn't have the energy or mischief of a little kitten? Please ask us about our Senior Adoption Program and available kitties just waiting for their forever homes.

BJ's Finally Forever After

   BJ had been a resident at the Cathouse since we first opened the doors a year ago in 2021. He had corrective eyelid surgery and patiently waited for his forever family after he healed. He attended numerous adoption events, each time being repeatedly walked by without a second glance.

   Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, but we never gave up hope. BJ became the ambassador of the cathouse, welcoming both feline and human newcomers and showing them the ropes.

A wonderful family adopted a foster sibling from the cathouse, and expressed interest in BJ. Our dedicated volunteers who work daily with the cathouse kitties reached out to the family again and arranged a private meet and greet. We are so happy that BJ has found his forever family, and they love him as much as our volunteers have grown to love this happy and social guy.

   Never give up on finding their forever after!

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Bucky's Luck

   Sometimes our special fosters take a bit longer than “normal” kitties to get adopted. We understand, not everyone shares our love of the Blind kitties, amputees or other special kitties. So many people will excitedly go up to their kennel at events, but quickly become disinterested once they see they are different.


   We were packing up after an event one day, and of course he was the only one not adopted. We had him in his carrier when a woman came in and asked sadly if we were done for the day. We said we were, but if she wanted to adopt we would stay... but we just had one kitty available. We told her Bucky’s story, already bracing ourselves for the dismissal when we pulled him out of his carrier. Instead of turning him away, she excitedly exclaimed, “oh he’s perfect!” 

   We can’t tell you what those words means to someone who fosters the overlooked and special kitties. We were overjoyed that someone not only adopted him, but WANTED him. She didn’t settle, she picked him without a second thought.


Consider adopting those animals who are overlooked!

Bottom Right: Bucky with his BFF in his new home

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