Special Tales

Venom (Tabby) & Viper (Black)
Bonded Male brothers born October 2020 (approximately 5 ½ months old)


Venom and Viper were kittens in a small colony of feral cats in Antioch. Rey Ramirez trapped them at about 3 months old in mid January 2021 and brought them into the K911 Cat House when it first opened. I started volunteering at the Cat House in the beginning of February. Venom and Viper were still afraid of people and hissy when I approached but they had adjusted to life in their kennels and had begun to play with toys. They had spent about a month in kennels being cared for and adjusting to being around people, but every time I came to work, I felt drawn to help them further their progress.  In mid February, I brought them home with me to give them a chance to be the playful, sweet kittens I knew they had inside them. It’s a slower process with older kittens. You have to be patient, diligent, and not allow them too much space. Having started life out on the streets, they had to learn how to be kittens. After a week or two, they started feeling comfortable running, jumping, exploring, and playing. Now that they’re completely healthy, neutered, and vaccinated, it’s time to start looking for their furever home.


Venom and Viper are bonded brothers with different personalities. They snuggle together and groom each other as well as have epic wrestling matches and sprint chases. They both are shy at first and wary of strangers. Venom is a beautiful brown tabby with spots and stripes. He has the loudest purr motor and hops on the bed to have a love session when I enter the room. He loves to nuzzle in my arm pit and then take a nap on my lap or right next me. He loves to play and chase ribbon toys. Viper is a sleek black panther. He is a strong, independent boy that is very smart and possessive of his brother. He likes love when he’s napping, but once play time begins, no way-time to play. He LOVES toy mice and will entertain himself for hours throwing and pushing them around the room. When he sees his brother getting love from me and purring, he comes up and starts licking him (and sometimes my hand too with a lick and a nibble) as if to remind me where my place is in the order of things. Then he moves to play with my feet (shoes are recommended) and settles down for a nap at the foot of the bed. Both prefer higher ground for sleeping.


Because they were rescued a little older than is ideal, they will take time to warm up to any new environment. They would do best in a quieter house with no small kids and with an experienced cat owner that has the time to give attention to help them adjust. They must be kept indoors. If startled, they may run and hide and possibly hiss until they see there is no danger and then they come back out again as if nothing happened. They still have a bit of “wild” in them, so an occasional mild bite or paw tap (not intended to harm, just to say “I want my space”) is possible.


I love these boys so much and really want them to find the purrfect forever home. They have such unique characters with the sweetest bond, I think given the time to settle into their new home, they’ll make the best companions.