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Here's how it works sometimes. A Kitty911 foster gets a tip about a kitten that's hurt, abandoned, hungry, mistreated and they immediately jump in to figure out how to save it - including all of Kitty911's fosters and volunteers. Together, we find a way to make sure that the little one gets what they need.

Foster Mom and Kitty911 admin Sabrina recently got just such a call for help.

They called the tiny kitten Billy

A neighbor rescued a kitten from their own backyard -- after their dog came very close to killing the poor baby. They put the 3-week old kitten in a cage, waiting for someone, or some organization, to step in. Of course, Kitty911 stepped up and stepped in.

"We rescue. It's what we do." - Kathy Cabrera, President

Sabrina couldn't pick little Billy up that day, so she sent the Kitty signal out!

How do you when you have cuddled a kitten to long? Yep, when you feel the warm pee running down your chest onto your tummy! It's ok sweet little one I needed to get in shower anyway.

Foster Jennie agreed to take the abandoned kitten overnight, until he could go to his new foster home with Sabrina. The original rescuers dropped him off and a Kitty911 adoption event where volunteers waited to take him in. Here's what Jennie had to say:

"This lil' baby was so scared yesterday it bit me and my sister. I got it home and settled in with some food n water and it began to trust me. No more hissing spitting or growling - I even got a cute purr this morning! What's a little kitten pee to start the day?"

That day, Sabrina was able to announce: "Meet Mavis, Kitty 911’s newest member! She was found scared and alone in a backyard and is now safe and warm in foster care."

Rescue. It's what we do.


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