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How Minnie got her name

A Question from Foster Mom Stephanie -

Kitty 911's newest foster is doing great! Eating like a champ and going potty when stimulated. We still don’t have a name for her. She is full of personality and has lots to say, she needs a name that fits....

The Kitty 911

Community Responds -

Suggestions ranged from the spice inspired "Pepper" or "Chili" to names celebrating the kitty's survivor spirit like "Moxie" or "Sassy." There were names inspired by the tiny girl's adorable appearance: "Sprite", "Ruby", "Little Bit" or "Dottie" and those referencing her vocal personality such as "Magpie" or "Oprah"!

Stephanie Decides -

We have decided to name this little girl Minnie. And right now she is milk drunk. 😂❤️ and LOVES my boyfriend.

Thank you to all of our Kitty 911 family and friends for coming together to support little Minnie!


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